O2 measurement with Lambda probe and conversion board

O2 measurement with Lambda probe

For applications where an oxygen measurement with particular attention to costs is required, a lambda probe derived from the automotive sector is normally used.

Ascon Tecnologic has developed a management and conversion board for the Bosch LSU 4.9 lambda probe.

The board is necessary for the operation of the probe and returns a linearized 4/20 mA analog signal proportional to the set scale range.

Simple and reliable solution suitable for small boilers.

    Technical specifications


    Measurement range

    0.3… 25% of O2
    Accuracy 1% f.s.
    Calibrationin ambient air with trimmer without cylinders
    Range0…20.9 or 0…25 of O2%, programmable
    Output 4… 20 mA active or passive
    Power supply 24 Vdc