O2 measurement on composting plants

O2 measurement on composting plants

Composting is a process of biological maturation of organic matter that allows organic waste to be recycled to produce fertiliser.

In composting plants, the time and mode of natural decomposition of organic substances are accelerated and monitored through constant control of certain important parameters, in compliance with environmental regulations.

One of these parameters is oxygen, which is essential for an optimal process and closely related to the living conditions of the microorganisms.

The Zirconium Oxide Probe ZO2-3I-C060, used in composting tunnels, ensures adequate oxygenation by measuring the oxygen in the recirculating air circuit.

Equipped with integrated electronics and a condensate discharge cylinder that acts as a stilling chamber, it allows condensate to be separated before measurement, thus ensuring the correct amount of air to the sensor.


Zirconium oxide probe for the measurement of O2

Integrated electronics with condensate discharge cylinder
Smoke temperature up to 600 °C
Measurement range0.3… 25% of O2
Accuracy 1% f.s.
Calibration in ambient air with trimmer without cylinders
Range 0…20.9 or 0…25 of O2%, programmable
Output4… 20 mA active or passive
Power supply 24 Vdc