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    All the functions you need in one product family:
    the KUBE series by Ascon Tecnologic!

    This family features a unique structure with common menus and benefits including: a dual 4-digit LED display with dynamic colour change (also available in high visibility).
    The KUBE series includes exclusive energy saving functions, power calculation, automatic tuning and quick setup, as well as special features such as user calibration, an independent timer, programmer function and preventive maintenance alarms.
    Some models also allow current monitoring, closed-loop valve control and simultaneous temperature and speed control.

    • Extended power supply
    • Universal input
    • Outputs suitable for every need
    • Front protection IP65
    • Video tutorial
    • Port for memory key
    • Free software for configuration and monitoring
    • Password for menu protection


    Energy saving

    evoGREEN reduces consumption, safeguards displays and reduces heating inside the panels, highlighting in any case the presence of an alarm, even from a great distance, and makes immediate identification of the instrument in alarm on panels with multiple instruments.

    When the function is activated, the display shows only 4 segments in sequence to indicate that the system is operating.

    If an alarm is detected or a key is pressed, the display will turn back on immediately.



    Quick setup

    evoTOOLS allows a quick configuration by inserting two 4-digit codes, easily composable.

    Type of input signal, alarms, control mode and any activation of auxiliary functions will thus be selected and “ready for use” with the press of a few buttons.

    This feature does not preclude access to the complete configuration menus, where the specific application requires it.



    Automatic tuning

    evoTune is the evolution of the “classic” PID tuning autotuning. In fact, it allows you to perform the best autotuning in any operating condition.
    When evoTune is started, the instrument evaluates the situation (current set point, current measurement, etc.) and establishes the best solution to tune the process.
    A change of set point, performed during autotuning, restarts the evaluation process according to the new starting conditions.


    Download the technical bulletin in english of the Kube series.


    These are the characteristics of the model that we will send you by filling out the form.
    • Controller with main 3-color dynamic display
    • Extended power supply from 24 to 240 VAC/DC
    • 8-step programmer (4 ramps and 4 soaks)
    • Independent timer
    • TC input J, K, R, S, T, PT100, PT 1000, mA, mV, V
    • Up to 2 digital inputs
    • One analog output (mA, V)
    • 2 relay outputs
    • One programmable output: VCC for SSR, transmitter power supply or Digital input 2
    • RS485 Modbus + TTL Modbus serial communication
    • Removable screw terminal block

    KUBE series

    All the models of the KUBE 48×48 series are characterized by the following features:

    3 colour Display

    The color of the main display changes as the measurement changes, with programmable change thresholds.

    KM3 has a dual LED display featuring:
    Main display: 4 digits with 3 dynamic colours (red, green and amber) or with a fixed color (red, green, amber or white) h15.5 mm

    Secondary display: 4 digits, green or amber (if the main one is white with high brightness) h7.6 mm

    User Calibration

    This function allows the machine or plant manufacturer to calibrate the entire measurement chain by compensating for errors due to:
    • Sensor location;
    • Sensor accuracy class;
    • Accuracy of the instrument.

    The “user calibration” does not change the factory calibration and can be removed at any time.

    Programmer function

    This function allows you to set:

    • Up to 8 segments (4 ramps and 4 soaks)
    • “Time recovery” in case of voltage drops
    • 4 program start modes
    • 3 exit modes at the end of the program
    • 2 programmable events for each program segment
    • a “program running” and/or “end of program” indicator

    Keep an eye on your machine

    The independent timer and working hours counter functions allow you to set timed actions and keep your machine efficient and safe. The independent timer allows you to set:

    • 5 operation modes 
    • Time base programmable from hours to tenths of a minute.
    • Start/Hold/Reset commands can be executed from the digital inputs or from the keyboard.

    The hours worked counter, like the odometer of your car, allows you to keep track of the hours worked and, once a set threshold is reached, generate a maintenance alarm or even stop the machine.

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