Electronic humidity, temperature and dew point transmitter

- Wall, duct mount or remote sensor
   relative humidity electronic transmitter
- With replaceable "Humy-chip" capacitive sensor and filters
- Voltage, Current or PT100 output
   according to the selected signal and model
- Alarm digital output
- Reading, calculation and display of several variables:
 * Relative humidity (RH)
 * Temperature (T)
 * Dew Point (DP)
 * Temperature difference between T and DP (ΔT)
- Data and event logging
- RS 485 port with ModBus RTU protocol (optional)
- LCD Display (optional)

Process inputs:

“Humy Chip” for temperature and Humidity acquisition

Self calibrating

2 reciprocally insulated outputs

Available Output signals:

- Voltage (V): 0...10 V, 0...1V
Min. impedence 500Ω
- Current (mA): 0/4...20 mA
Max. impedence 500Ω
- 3 wire PT100 accuracy class B (1/2 DIN)
Any of the two outputs may be configured for Humidity, temperature, ΔT and Dew point

Selectable outputs:

Humidity :
Accuracy: 1.8% between 10... 90% RH
Range: 0... 100% RH
Long term drift: typically <0.5% RH/year
Accuracy <0.5°C between 0… +50°C (32... 122°F)
Available ranges:
-30.0… +70.0°C (-22... 158°F)
-20.0… +30.0°C (-4... 86°F)
0.0… +50.0°C (32... 122°F)
0.0… +100.0°C (32... 212°F)
Dew Point (DP)
Accuracy <1°C between 30... 100% RH and -20... +90°C (-4... +164°F)
Available ranges:
-30.0… +70.0°C (-22... 158°F)
0.0… +100.0°C (32... 212°F)
Other ranges on request in °C or °F
ΔT (between T and DP)
Available range: 0.0... 50.0°C (32... 122°F)

Digital Output for alarm

- 1 Relay SPST-NO 1A (30 V)

Power supply:

- With (mA) output: 10... 30 Vdc
- With (V) outputs:  18... 27 Vac or 20... 30 Vdc


Humidity and temperature retransmission

- Dew point calculation
- ΔT calculation (as difference between actual temperature and dew point)
- Up to 5 alarms freely configurable to the relay output
- Data and event logging

Communication and programming:


- RS 485 port with ModBus RTU and J-bus (slave) protocols (optional)

Programming/configuration tools:

- Configuration software available for PC


Mounting method:
- Wall mount
- Duct mount
- Remote sensor
Case dimensions: 118 x 118 x 70 mm
Protection filter:
- Wire mesh
- Sintered stainless steel
- Teflon
Protects against dust and other atmospheric contaminants.

Connectable to:

- Any controller from Ascon Tecnologic range with the appropriate I/Os
- SCADA for monitoring, traceability and remote management
- DX and DY gateways for remote monitoring


Click here to download the H5 configuration software