Digital controller for refrigerating units

- Panel mount 96 x 50 mm
- 2 temperature probe inputs
- Up to 4 relay outputs
- Internal buzzer for alarm indication
- Mechanical (external) or "Sensitive Touch" keyboard
- Several defrost activation and defrost methods
- 1 display, 2 digits, h 31 mm, red or blue colour

Process inputs:
2 temperature probe inputs NTC 103AT-2 (10KΩ @ 25 °C)
Measuring ranges: -50... 99 °C / -58... 99 °F

2 Free Voltage digital inputs 

4 multifunction Mechanical keys (external) or Sensitive Touch

Process outputs
Up to 4 on BSLB4 slave module
- Internal buzzer for alarm indication

Power supply:

- 100...240 VAC ±10%

- Stand-By mode
- ON/OFF control
- Start-up delay
- Compressor protection timer

Defrost start/stop:
- Time based
- Temperature driven
Defrost methods:
- By compressor stop
- By electrical heater
- By hot gas
- By cycle reverse
Evaporator Fan Control

Up to 4 different kind of configurable alarms:
- Probe errors
- Temperature thresholds: (absolute or relative)
- External alarm
- Door alarm
- Power fail alarm
Main voltage failure alarm (power fail alarm) with outputs disable (optional)

Communication and programming:

Communication on TTL port to: 
- Universal programming key
- Remote display
- Remote programming keyboard TLBTA (optional)
- Connector to Msalve module

Mounting method: panel mount
Case dimensions: 96 x50 mm, depth 22.5mm
See BSLB4 for Slave module dimensions

Connection to slave:
RJ45 and 3 m max. long phone cable
Signals connection
Display(inputs): Extractable mini-connectors
- IP40 front frame protection, with gasket

Display and indicators
1 display, 2 digits, h 31 mm, red or blue colour
3 indicating LEDs

Connectable to:
- Remote programming keyboard TLBTA
- BSLB4 slave power and relay output module


UL Recognition Canada USA

File no. E206847
Ref. UL/CSA 60730-1-2-9