Distribuited Programmable Automation Control system (PAC)

- DIN Rail Mount modular controller
- CPU with service I/Os on Board
- Connectible up to 32 Sigma I/O modules
- IEC61131-3 programming
- On-board main bus, ethernet
      serial and fieldbus ports
      for I/O expansion, programming
      and configuration
- Customizable SMS alarm handling
- Connectable to SCADA,
      Operator panels or mobile devices

Process inputs:
Analogue and digital inputs for any kind of sensor and transmitter according to the selected module

Process outputs:
Analogue and digital outputs for any kind of sensor and transmitter according to the selected module

Power supply: 24VDC/VAC

IEC61131-3 programming standards
Up to 6 different programming languages
- Multitasking
- Integrated control functions
   (with enhanced PID )
- Programmer, batch and logical (PLC).

Communication and programming:
X1 Configuration port
ModbusRTU Master/Slave, ASCII
Can be used to connect modems , HMIs,  for configuration and programming
X0 internal bus
CANOpen Network port
To connect I/O modules and other CANOpen compatible third party devices
X3 and X4 external fieldbus ports
- RS232 / RS485 ModbusRTU Master/Slave)
- Profibus-DP
- CANOpen
  To connect third party devices
 X2 Ethernet portM
Modbus TCP ethernet port
Used for configuration, programming and ModbusTCP server

Programming/configuration tools:
Programming software according to IEC61131-3 standards

Mounting method: DIN rail mount
Case dimensions: 152 x 110 mm depth: 66mm

Communication port connections
2 Fieldbus ports Dsub 9
1 RS 232 Dsub 9
1 Internal bus port RJ45
1 Ethernet port RJ45
Signals connection
1 Extractable 11 pole plugs 5,0mm
- Spring terminals
- Screw terminals

Display and indicators:
High resolution data visualization with colour touch screen display
(sold separately)

Connectable to:
- Sigmadue Series
- SCADA for monitoring, traceability and remote management
- DX and DY gateways for remote monitoring
- OpenPCS IEC 61131-3 standards programming enviroment

  UL Listed