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Thermostats and controllers

Complete range of instruments for every application inherent the refrigeration both commercial and industrial

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Indicators with input for temperature probes and analogue signals in current or tension

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Defrost timer

Electronic timer to be used in refrigeration systems for the management of defrost cycles.
In addition to control intervals and duration of the defrost cycles, it can interrupt theoperation of the fans and to delay their start up at the end of a cycle.

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Special controllers

Instruments for specific applications:  

- Multi-step controllers
- Controllers for Peltier cells  
- Differential controllers  
- Controllers for milk tanks

sist programmabili

PAC systems

The right solution for every application!
New generation of programmable controllers (PAC - Programmable Automation Controller).
They manage the control, the monitoring and permit the remote control of machines and small industrial plants.

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Pre-programmed systems

Solutions ready to be used!  
Flexible systems able to suit to all plants, through a simple configuration and programming by means of touch screens.