ADA 48 icona

Adapters - ADA

Steel adapters for DIN rail mounting of instruments KUBE series, size 78 x 35, 48 x 48 and 48 x 96 mm.

adattatore icona

Adapters - BOX-AR

Accessories used to adapt an instrument to an already existing hole, but with different mechanical measures.
Trasformatore icona

Current transformers - TR-AMP

switches icona

Ethernet switches - APS2 ATOPEH

Ethernet switches, 6 or 8 ports, in metallic or plastic case.
cover frontale icona

Extended covers - TLCOV

Front adapter that can be mounted on all the instruments with dimensions 78 x 35 mm, in order to extend the size and allow the insertion of one or two switches.
tensione icona

External transformers - TCTR

guarnizioni icona

Gaskets - GUAR

External gaskets in mousse neoprene able to increase the instrument front protection degree.
AET1 icona

Gateway - AET1

Self-powered Ethernet module.

TAPPO 48X48 V sito

Hole cover - TAPPO

Accessories used to cover an existing hole that it's not possible to leave empty for aesthetic reasons or protection.
AFC1 CAVO con sfondo icona

NFC Programming kit - AFC1

For ATT1 transmitter.
NDR 75 24 icona

Power adapters - APS2ALDR

Power adapters for instruments of sigmadue series.
 chiave icona  

Programming key - A01

Much more than a simple accessory!
Universal programming key for the instrumentation Ascon Tecnologic.
Calotte icona

Protection covers - CAL

Protection covers made of transparent plastic or soft rubber to protect the front of the instruments. Some models assure the IP65 protection degree.
convertitore icona

Signal converter - A30

Converter, available with different signals of conversion and DIN rail mounting execution.
ARS1 icona

Signal converter - ARS1

TTL/RS485 converter (not isolated).

Sockets - ZOC

Octal and undecal sockets in several executions: to be soldered, with clamps, screw type.