Current transformer input on Kube series

Current Transformer Input KUBE Evolution not revolution


Heater break down alarm on KUBE series ?

Now is available!

This new feature enables you to detect the amperage, by using a current transformer input. 

Thanks to this signal, the KUBE controller could provide you an heater break down alarm and also minim and maximum allarms, not necessarly related to the controlled process..

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Let us organise your programs !

Kube becomes a rubik cube

Programmer series: 8 programs with 96 segments

Do not waste time in useless puzzles...

The family of programmers from Ascon Tecnologic answers your needs.

Like the entire Kube line, the new programmers is available in three formats:

48 x 48 (1/16 DIN), 48 x 96 (1/8 DIN) and 78 x 35 mm.

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Controllers on DIN rail

DIN rail mount controllers

Need to mount your controller on the back of the cabinet?

Several solutions for a common need

Many customers require to mount a controller into the cabinet, in a position not necessarly accessible to the end user, typically on a DIN rail.

Ascon Tecnologic has developped several solutions:

- KRD3, a full fledged controller with all the features of Kube series.

- K30 and X30, controllers connectable to external HMI.

- K85, TLY35 and TLZ35, 4-DIN module format controllers with onboard display and keyboard.

- D1, D2 and D3, Temperature controllers with RS485 port,  Modbus RTU protocol and withdrawable electronic.

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Connect in RS485 using ARS1

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Thermostats without serial communication? See below how to add it.


ARS1, the Ascon Tecnologic solution networking thermostats without RS485.

Many customers need to connect refrigeration controllers (or thermostats), typically cost oriented and without a proper serial communication port, to SCADA and monitoring systems.

Ascon Tecnologic has realized, to connect its controllers into a network, the gateway/adapter ARS1 that enables the connection between Modbus RS485 network and TTL configuration port.

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KM1E Make a SPA for your wine

KM E - Make a SPA for your wine the best treatment in any season
KM E image

It's harvesing period: your wine needs the best!


With the new Enology controllers,
your grapes will turn into wine like in a SPA

KM1E is designed for accurate temperature control during vinification, with cooling and heating for the best organoleptic characteristics.

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