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by Andrea Cattaneo

Accurate temperature, but not only!!

Maintaining a correct brooding temperature is an important parameter to obtain a successful brood, but it may not be enough for you.
Increase the percentage of hatching with the egg turner and the humidity indication.
Get even healthier specimens with a programmer that simulates the movements of the hen (or the hatching animal in general).
Ascon Tecnologic, thanks to its experience and collaboration with scholars in the sector, has created various solutions for the control of professional incubators, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Discover the Ascon Tecnologic’s solutions for incubators.


D.M.P. Engineering - Israel (visita il sito)

David Vishnia, engineer, inventor and a passionate parrot breeder developed the INCA incubators based on Ascon Tecnologic controllers with the close support of Galoz Electronics ltd our representative and distributor in ISRAEL.

INCA Incubators are the most appreciated incubators in the sector today not just for making incubation simple & accessible all around the world for any breeder, amateur or professional, but also for helping to save endangered birds from extinction and enabling to incubate all bird species including Parrots, Birds of Prey, Exotic birds or Penguins from Antarctica... .

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What are the important incubator functions?

Brood temperature

The hatching temperature is one of the most important parameters for obtaining the expected results.
A normal thermostat is usually sufficient to obtain a discreet result and many customers are satisfied with this, but then complain about the high percentages of dead specimens.
A more accurate and bumpless regulation, based on PID, allows stability up to one tenth of degree, increasing success and (for some reptiles) it allows you to precisely decide the sex of the unborn child.

Air humidity

Depending on the hatching specimens type, the humidity rate during the brood can decide the survival of a greater number of specimens.
It is frequently indicated as simple reading while other times it is actively controlled with a humidifier that compensates for excessively dry air.

Egg turning

Prevents the embryo from dying from sticking inside the egg by twirling the egg in different directions.
It is usually driven by a simple electric motor activated at regular intervals.

Operator interface

One of the most obvious aspects of an incubator, just like any other type of equipment and machine, is the operator interface or, in other words, what kind of data are shown to the user and how.
Often it is a simple 7-segment LED display with LED indicators indicating the status of the outputs / functions.

The operator

The most important aspect of breeding is obviously the breeder and the care he applies in taking care of his specimens.
Some operations such as candling (checking whether the eggs have been fertilized or not) and the elimination of broken or bad smelling eggs can only be performed by a human operator.

What if there is a system that allows you to take care of eggs as their natural parents ?

Find below the control systems that offer these functions.


What are the control systems for an incubator?

ON-OFF thermostats at fixed temperature

The simplest and cheapest way to control an incubator is by using a digital thermostat.
You can set the temperature with a simple knob, using the ET1 or using keys and a simple 7-segment display such as the E30,equipped with two temperature probes (or a probe and digital input) and a relay output suitable for controlling an electric heater.

AT Incubatrici 04b

Termostats with temperature and humidity controls

The ease of use of a thermostat combined with humidity control and integrated sensor.
You can set the temperature and humidity, using keys and a 7-segment display like the Y39U, , equipped with a temperature probe, a probe for reading humidity, a digital input and up to three relay outputs suitable for controlling an electric heater and humidification / dehumidification systems.Y39U COEL

PID temperature controllers with double display

If you want to obtain a much more accurate temperature control, you can evaluate a complete PID controller, capable of maintaining the temperature accurately up to the tenth of degree.
The dual display is easy to read with high contrast. LED indicators allow you to have the outputs situation always handy.
This regulator can also be equipped with the timer function to activate the egg turner. An example of this solution is the model KM1W (with timer option).

KM1 prosp white

Healthier specimens with programmer function

Want to get higher quality results with bigger eggs?
Think of a regulator with a temperature profile: it will simulate the temperature variations of the natural hatching, possibly activating the egg turner at the same time to let the egg "breath" and the embryo grow better.
You could adjust the temperature and the egg turning frequency in the most suitable way for the specimens you are hatching.
You will also be able to see the brood time passing and know how much is left to the hatching. An example of this solution is the programmer controller like KX5P.

Complete solution with graphic display

Do you want to have all the functions and a graphic display that shows your logo, the status of your incubator, the functions activated and available, the progress of the hatching, with temperature, humidity control, egg turner all integrated?

Do you also want to include your particular functions, as result of your own experience ?

The solution is a programmable system complete with a large operator panel. In this system, you can also have the recording of all the stages of the hatching, recording both the temperature and the humidity at regular intervals on removable USB support and remote connection from PC.

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Thanks to our experience, collaboration with industry experts and your ideas, you will be able to create your own solution with graphics, functions and personalized look that will make your product unique.

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