Extended power supply on Kube series

by marketing
Extended power supply, KUBE Evolution not revolution


Are you aiming to reduce your stock costs ?

Look for a single model able to:

A) Sathisfy most of your customer's requests

B) Reduce the quantity of different models in your stock

The newly released extendedl power supply option on KUBE series enables you to get both advantages !

By selecting the power supply option "U"  into the KUBE ordering code, you will get a process controller able to operate with a main power supply from  24Vdc/ac up to 240 Vac/dc.

According to statistics, this will enable you to reduce the stock by 30%.

The intrinsecal flexibility of KUBE family, capable to handle different control outputs (Analogue, relays or SSR drive) on a single unit, allows you to fullfill most of your customer's request cutting to half the quantitity of different model codes in your stock.

This option is currently available on 48x48mm (1/16 DIN) size such as KM1, KM2, KM3, KM5P.

 For more details, see the related manual.