Y39W in wine cellars

by marketing
Y39W multizone refrigeration controller; flexible, visible , easy to use and to clean

+ Flexible :
Suitable also for other and different configurations, for example , Neutral zone or Multizone with heating and cooling

+ Visible
Operator interface with high visibility display white, blue or red colour.

+ Easy to use and to clean
Thanks to touch screen keyboard and flat front.

A dual zone wine cellar includes:

* A lower temperature zone, placed on the bottom section of the cellar, where are normally kept cold the white wines.

* A relativelly higher temperature zone, placed at the top section of the cellar, it is typically used to store the red wines.

* Two sensors; one on the bottom (Pr1) and one on the top (Pr2).

* A cooling compressor (Rr) or any other type of cooling device. It is activated when the temperature detected from Pr1 probe is above set temperature (SP1).

* A fan (r2) that flows the cold air from bottom to top
The fan is activated when the temperature in the top zone is activated when the temperature is above the set temperature (SP2).

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