Setting the kube

by Andrea Cattaneo

Setting The Kube

Cheat Sheet

Learn how to quickly set the Kube

Technical Note 2017 01 EN

Getting started

Before actually starting to program, determine your machine needs:
Are they compliant to a standard code configuration ?
- No configuration is needed, just a quick parametrization

Does Your machine need a complete parameters configuration?
- Maybe you will need to browse  and set parameter by parameter

Will custom operator commands and parameters be an advantage?
- For big volumes , We are available to factory set your Kube so it will be ready to mount as soon as it reaches your premises

Code preset

Suggested for simple machine and small volumes,  this procedure can also be used to speed-up the parameter by parameter setting described in the next chapter

  • Press ENTER button for 3 Sec.
  • Enter Password 300*
  • Set CODE1 and CODE2 according to the desired Inputs, Outputs and Functions


Suggested for Complex and High volume OEMs it clears the code preset numbers

  • Press ENTER button for 3 Sec.
  • Enter Password 30*
  • Navigate the menues and set each parameter values** (example: alarm behaviours, input limits, setpoints and so on)

Deeply Customized ( for realy tailored solutions)

Using the software, personalize operator commands and parameter settings*** according to your needs.
You can create dedicated and effective user interface!


* Default password (may be changed by user)
** Parameter changes could reset the CODE 1 and CODE2,functions will remain unchanged
*** Parameter settings are password protected

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