Innovation in signal transmitters :ATT1

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Innovation in signal transmitters :ATT1


NFC configuration, universal input and much more...

Immagine having a transmitter which combines proven measurement technology with innovative hardware, able to provide an easy-to-use configuration tool and capable to measure signals in a wide range of applications including sensors with no standard linearizations.


This signal transmitter now exist!

Easy to configure

You can configure the signal transmitter ATT1 wireless by using different devices:

  • Your smartphone, installing the APP and NFC antenna

  • Your PC, with a dedicated programmer and related software

You could download both programs for free, Test them!

With many functions

By using the dedicated software you could:

  • Configure the transmitter (sensor type, retransmitted range, etc.)

  • Store all the configuration you want for a future use

  • Send and stored configuration to a new device

  • Print all data

Using the PC (equipped with ATNFC-Soft) it is also possible to prepare and download your own custom linearization.

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