Same look for all products

by marketing
Same look for Z, Y, R38, K31, K32, K38,K39 , TLK33, TC, TP, TT, KR1, KR3 and KR5P

Several functions, a unique style

Starting from 1st February several products will be provided with the new standard bezel.

This stylish front is now unified on all the 78 x 35 current series such as

  • Thermostats and controllers Z and Y series
  • Entry level controller R38 series
  • Timers, counters and power controllers TC34, TP34 and TT34 series
  • Special controllers TLK33 series
  • Industrial controllers K31, K32, K38 and K39 series
  • Controllers and programmers KR1, KR3 and KR5P series

This improvement will be applied to all the variants and submodels.

Do you have special custom front, or you would like to have one? Write us