KM1E Make a SPA for your wine

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KM E - Make a SPA for your wine the best treatment in any season
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It's harvesing period: your wine needs the best!


With the new Enology controllers,
your grapes will turn into wine like in a SPA

KM1E is designed for accurate temperature control during vinification, with cooling and heating for the best organoleptic characteristics.

KM1E is factory-configured for standard wine applications (input for PT100, heating or cooling control, minimum and maximum alarm).
A simple procedure allows to adapt this basic configuration to your specific needs.

- Heating or cooling mode: selectable by keyboard.
- Large top display (15.5mm) for measured temperature, colour change according to the control mode:
RED Heating (OUT2 relay).
GREEN Cooling (OUT3 relay).
AMBER Heating/cooling.

- Lower display shows the setpoint.
- Keypad or remote off setting with "STANDBY" message.
- Low and high alarm on OUT1.

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