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Thermostats without serial communication? See below how to add it.


ARS1, the Ascon Tecnologic solution networking thermostats without RS485.

Many customers need to connect refrigeration controllers (or thermostats), typically cost oriented and without a proper serial communication port, to SCADA and monitoring systems.

Ascon Tecnologic has realized, to connect its controllers into a network, the gateway/adapter ARS1 that enables the connection between Modbus RS485 network and TTL configuration port.

No settings

ARS1 does not have any on board setting.
It converts, in a transparent way, any data coming from the RS485 line into a TTL port compatible signal.

ARS1 sito












Simple and Easy


ARS1 mechanically fits on the controllers, thanks to a proprietary design that allows to place it both vertically or horizontally right on the controller's Case.

A simple cable will then allow the connection to the TTL port.

The RS485 two wire network could be then wired to two terminals available on ARS1.

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