More value for Your tunnel oven? Discover how at IBIE 2019

Andrea Cattaneo
Mixers, conveyor belt ovens and electrical ovens become easier to use with a dedicated control system.

Do you want to improove your tunnel oven and make it more modern and interactive ?
ASCON TECNOLOGIC has developed special solutions dedicated to conveyor belt ovens for pizza, bakery, grilled vegetables and, in general, for all the food.

The ideal solution for your needs that integrates an accurate cooking time with oven temperature.

Give more value to your machine and comply with Industry 4.0


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Add value to your dough mixer! Visit us at IBIE 2019

Andrea Cattaneo
Mixers, conveyor belt ovens and electrical ovens become easier to use with a dedicated control system.

Are you willing to make your dought mixer more user friendly and efficient?

Discover the special solutions developped by ASCON TECNOLOGIC ;

  • Programmable logic
  • Customizable touch screen interface, to set parameters and recipes
  • Preventintive maintenance warnings
  • Dough temperature monitoring
  • Remote control

The ideal solution for your dough mixer using nP4 based technology, give more value to your machine and comply with Industry 4.0.

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From 3th to 26th August 2019, summer holidays for Italian HQ

Andrea Cattaneo
Ascon Tecnologic Italy closed from 3 to 23 August 2019

We are taking our summer holidays.
The Italian HQ of Ascon Tecnologic will shut down from 3th to 26th August included.

In case of need, kindly get in contact with your local distributor or send an email to the export manager taking care of your area.

Have a nice holiday !

ADA: Din Rail adapters

ADA--33DIN, ADA--48DIN and ADA--96DIN DIN rail adapters

New series of adapters for DIN rail mounting of Kube series controllers

Different formats for any need

- For any Kube model ( and many other models)

Kube series becomes even more flexible

- The same product could be mounted on the front or inside the cabinet, with these adapters.



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Configuration software Guide

ADA--33DIN, ADA--48DIN and ADA--96DIN DIN rail adapters

Configuration software Guide available

Now available a table that helps you to choose the right software for the right instrument.

Iin the same table you can find the list of the connection ports and connecting converters.

Dowload the guide at the link: 

or see below the same guide with links to products, adapters and software downloads.

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Meet us at  SENSOR+TEST 2018 Hall 1 -stand 327 26-28.06.2018

Ascon Tecnologic will participate at SENSOR+TEST 2018


Nürnberg Exhibition Centre



Opening hours

26.6.  -  9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
27.6.  -  9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
28.6.  -  9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Innovation in signal transmitters :ATT1

Innovation in signal transmitters :ATT1


NFC configuration, universal input and much more...

Immagine having a transmitter which combines proven measurement technology with innovative hardware, able to provide an easy-to-use configuration tool and capable to measure signals in a wide range of applications including sensors with no standard linearizations.


This signal transmitter now exist!

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Y39W in wine cellars

Y39W multizone refrigeration controller; flexible, visible , easy to use and to clean

+ Flexible :
Suitable also for other and different configurations, for example , Neutral zone or Multizone with heating and cooling

+ Visible
Operator interface with high visibility display white, blue or red colour.

+ Easy to use and to clean
Thanks to touch screen keyboard and flat front.

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Final farewell to Bruno Zecchel

With deep sorrow, Ascon Tecnologic announces the death of its President, Ing.Bruno Zecchel.

Bruno Zecchel, in 1969, founded Ascon, a company that has grown with great energy and untiring passion.

Engine of research and development of the company, has represented for all its employees a point of reference both from a working and human point of view.

After the merger with Tecnologic, he assumes the presidency of Ascon Tecnologic and represents full values and objectives.

Eng. Zecchel has missed the affection of his loved ones on 02 August 2018.

In this sad date, Ascon Tecnologic loses not only his highly esteemed President, but also a man who has totally dedicated his life to others with altruism and dedication.

For all those who wanted to participate in the funeral and could not, Monday 10 September at 19, a commemorative Mass will be celebrated at the church of Santa Maria Help of Christians in Arese.

You can't see the display due to ambient light ? We have the solution

KM W High brightness white display

You can not see the display due to the high ambient light ?

KM W focuses on all the installations where the direct light may cause readability problems.

KM W offers high visibility white colour display together with all the other features of KUBE series.

White and high brightness option is available on all the 48 x48mm models, including KM1, KM3 and KM5.


For more details see :

Extended power supply on Kube series

Extended power supply, KUBE Evolution not revolution


Are you aiming to reduce your stock costs ?

Look for a single model able to:

A) Sathisfy most of your customer's requests

B) Reduce the quantity of different models in your stock

The newly released extendedl power supply option on KUBE series enables you to get both advantages !

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Looking for a thermometer in a small size ?

E50 the small format thermometer, made in italy


Try E50

The last birth in Ascon Tecnologic , Made in Italy.

Small and effective

For double insulation probes

All the experience and reliability of Ascon Tecnologic in a 64x31 mm case.


Meet us at AHR EXPO Hall B Stand B2150

Ascon Tecnologic will participate at AHR EXPO


Georgia World Congress Center Atlanta, GA 30313


Hall B -stand B2150



Opening hours

 Monday   Jan. 14,  10 am  - 6 pm 
 Tuesday  Jan. 15, 10 am  - 6 pm 
 Wednesday  Jan. 16 10 am - 4 pm


Meet us

Write at


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Current transformer input on Kube series

Current Transformer Input KUBE Evolution not revolution


Heater break down alarm on KUBE series ?

Now is available!

This new feature enables you to detect the amperage, by using a current transformer input. 

Thanks to this signal, the KUBE controller could provide you an heater break down alarm and also minim and maximum allarms, not necessarly related to the controlled process..

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Let us organise your programs !

Kube becomes a rubik cube

Programmer series: 8 programs with 96 segments

Do not waste time in useless puzzles...

The family of programmers from Ascon Tecnologic answers your needs.

Like the entire Kube line, the new programmers is available in three formats:

48 x 48 (1/16 DIN), 48 x 96 (1/8 DIN) and 78 x 35 mm.

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