AWF1 - the WI-FI gateway

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AWF1 - the WI-FI gateway

AWF1 - the WI-FI Gateway

The need to connect controllers and control systems to wireless network is becoming increasingly common.
The technology allows you to connect your machines and devices offering several advantages:

  • Avoids expensive wiring;
  • Allows you to move your devices within the range of your network;
  • Creates low-cost data collection networks.

This technology is now available, for Ascon Tecnologic’s products, through the AWF1 Gateway which
turns your controller into a Wi-FI “device”.

Read the application note at the LINK

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Proper (but unpredictable) use of CT input

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Proper (but unpredictable)use of CT input  in Ice cream apoplications

Density control in ice cream makers

The current transformer is commonly used to measure consumption or malfunctions of electrical loads. Below, you will find an alternative application: the density measurement in ice cream.
The ice cream makers have hands-on experience, and know-how to understand when ice cream is ready by evaluating its density with a spatula, but the ice cream maker (a machine) must carry out an objective survey and to do so it measures the effort that the agitator makes to mix the ice cream. In reality, the "effort" is transformed into current consumed by the motor (the higher the effort, the higher the current consumed).


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NFC connectivity improves your service

ET1 & ET3  Stock saving thermostats

The Near Field Communication (NFC) is commonly used in payments and many other applications.
Why it could not be used also to improve your equipment and level up the service quality ?

In combination with the ubiquitous smartphone, which is in everyone's hands, NFC provides the ideal channel to remotely download (or even upload) your machine data and configure it with a simple touch.

This article explains the advantages of this technology applied to temperature control both in process control and in refrigeration using Ascon Tecnologic’s NFC connectable devices.


NFC is a Low cost/high efficiency communication platform that offers several advantages:

- Involves a very small amount of energy,

- Is Point-to-point connection,

- Is Wireless,

- Is simple to setup both in Software and in Configuration

- Connection hardware is already present in most of the existing platforms (Smartphones, Tables and PCs).    

Considering the above advantages, versus other means of connection and configuration, it is the nowadays best and more cost saving solution, used from the equipment manufacturers to configure their devices both in the production lines and at their customer’s premises.

Near Field Communication devices work with a very small amount of energy. If properly engineered, the required circuitry could be powered directly from the receiving antenna without a power source connected from the main line to the control system.
This allows you to program your control system without encumbering power cables.

NFC is, by definition, a one to one communication. It is safe and easy to set.
Your configuration device connects only to the unit you need to configure.
No address is required and there is no risk of data leakage.

Based on a low wattage wireless communication, NFC does not need a physical connection cable, you simply lay your programming device close to the unit to configure and the communication is ready to go!

The configuration and the software setup is minimal. You just need to enable the NFC functions of your smartphone or Tablet.

NFC devices

NFC antenna is already integrated in the more modern Smartphones and Tables.
PCs without this feature may be completed with an External programming pad such as the AFC1

This technology is present in many units of Ascon Tecnologic range:

Some real world examples

NFC technology enabled units are extensively used in our everyday activities; see below some examples used in the refrigeration and industrial plants sectors:

Freezers and refrigerator manufactures improved their production process and service by cutting down the digital thermostats programming time.

They configure their brand new thermostats in three fast steps:

  • Unbox them
  • Put the thermostats near the programing unit
    (a smarphone or a PC connected programming pad)
  • Push a button

The unit is then ready to be wired and installed into the refrigerator.

They also improved their customer service.
When a user has an issue with their refrigerator, they could support him from remote with a simple procedure:

  • Customer puts his mobile phone near the controller and uploads the data,
  • He sends the data with a simple email to the Technical support,
  • The manufacturer’s technical support simulates and analyze the issue,
  • A new configuration could be set to meet the customer demands and fix the issues,
  • The configuration is sent back to the End user,
  • The Customer could easily download the new configuration with his mobile phone.

The customer’s issues are then fixed economically quickly and remotely without spending time and resources to move at user’s site just to change a parameter.

All this could be achieved thanks to refrigerator thermostats with embedded NFC functions such as ET3 and  E33B.

Integrators and plat maintenance reduced the installation time using NFC programmable transmitters.

Several maintenance and installation engineers decided to use our NFC programmable head mount transmitter as replacements of existing ones, thanks to the fast configuration:

  • Unbox the transmitter,
  • Within the configuration APP select the configuration using tagnames,
  • Lay the transmitter near the programing unit (a smarphone or a PC connected programming pad),
  • Push a button to download the configuration
  • The temperature transmitter is then ready to be wired and installed within the probe head.

The individual probes are then configured economically and quickly, in addition the configurations could be safely stored for future replacements and shared remotely.

All this could be achieved thanks to head mount transmitters with embedded NFC functions such as ATT1.

Your solution is based on NFC

Make your equipment cost saving, easy to configure and fast to service, select devices with built in NFC as control units of your equipment.
Configure your system without encumbering cables and support your customers safely and from remote.

Many other companies already implemented those solutions in your sector.

Get more details visiting the dedicated webpage 

Happy Easter 2020

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Buona Pasqua -Happy Easter 2020 #StayHome #StaySafe

Our best wishes for an happy (and safe) Easter !










Andrea Cattaneo

Dear Customers and Partners,

following Covid-19 outbreak, the Italian Government defined to shut down all non-essential manufacturing activities until April 3.

Ascon Tecnologic will close its activities accordingly. Therefore, orders will not be fulfilled at this time.

We assure our utmost commitment to minimize the hardship caused by this emergency.

Thank you for your trust and continued support.

Kind Regards



Discover the solution for your incubators

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Accurate temperature, but not only!!

Maintaining a correct brooding temperature is an important parameter to obtain a successful brood, but it may not be enough for you.
Increase the percentage of hatching with the egg turner and the humidity indication.
Get even healthier specimens with a programmer that simulates the movements of the hen (or the hatching animal in general).
Ascon Tecnologic, thanks to its experience and collaboration with scholars in the sector, has created various solutions for the control of professional incubators, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Discover the Ascon Tecnologic’s solutions for incubators.

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Thermo verification with TLK33 Peltier cells controller

Andrea Cattaneo
TLK33 the Peltier cell controller

An application example of TLK33, with direct control of Peltier cells.

The customer was developing a thermo-verification system for access to workplaces and public premises and had to keep it at 35 °C (95 °F) when ambient temperature varies between 0 and 50 °C (32 to 122 °F).

As the ambient temperature changes, the system should be able to change thecontrol action type (heating or cooling).

In order not to limit the applicability and make installation easy, the system should be compact and lightweight.

The solution was found using a TLK33 regulator, a temperature probe (a PT100 in our case), a Peltier cell and a fan, (with external 24 V 5A power supply).

The required temperature precision was reached thanks to a particularly short time cycle and in addition the system offered several advantages:
- No maintenance
- Quiet and silent solution
- Vibration resistant
- No chemical elements (gas) are involved therefore it does not pollute during disposal.

This application is also described in a specific application note that you may download here

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TLK33 Peltier cells controller

Andrea Cattaneo
TLK33 the Peltier cell controller

There are many ways to cool or heat surfaces, among them the use of Peltier cells, layers of different semiconductors that allow you to absorb heat on one side and release it on the other.

The fields of application are many: from storage and transport of biological samples, to cooling of optical sensors, in lasers, in small portable car refrigerators, in mini cold water dispensers, in temperature control of electrical panels and so on.

The advantages are:

  • Small footprint
  • Control through electronic and non-mechanical components (e.g. compressors) therefore no maintenance and no noise
  • Vibration resistance
  • Absence of chemical elements (e.g. gas) that make the solution non-polluting during the disposal

However, control of Peltier cells often requires complex, specially designed control circuits.

The TLK33 regulator is specifically designed to directly control Peltier cells with currents up to 7A.

The peculiarity of TLK33 is to automatically invert the current sent to the cells, exchanging, when necessary, the cold side and the hot one therefore being able to perform an accurate hot / cold control.



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From 21st Dec. 2019 to 6th Jan 2020 extra long winter holidays for Ascon Tecnologic italian headquarter

Andrea Cattaneo
Ascon Tecnologic Italy holiday shut down from 21st Dec 2019 to 6th Jan 2020 included

Dear partners,
This year, our holidays will be extra long; Ascon Tecnologic headquarters, in Vigevano,will be closed from Saturday 21st December 2019 to Monday 6th Jannuary 2020 Included.
Our italian offices will resume activities on Tuesday 7th Jannuary.

In order to guarantee timely shipment of your materials, we invite you to take into account the above mentioned dates to schedule your orders.

Given the normal production times, we recommend that you send us your orders not later than December 5th.
For the most urgent orders, the Fast Production service is still available.

For clarification on possible delivery dates, you can always contact our local representative or send an email to your area manager.

Merry Christmas and happy new year  from Ascon Tecnologic team!

More value for Your tunnel oven? Discover how at IBIE 2019

Andrea Cattaneo
Mixers, conveyor belt ovens and electrical ovens become easier to use with a dedicated control system.

Do you want to improove your tunnel oven and make it more modern and interactive ?
ASCON TECNOLOGIC has developed special solutions dedicated to conveyor belt ovens for pizza, bakery, grilled vegetables and, in general, for all the food.

The ideal solution for your needs that integrates an accurate cooking time with oven temperature.

Give more value to your machine and comply with Industry 4.0


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Add value to your dough mixer! Visit us at IBIE 2019

Andrea Cattaneo
Mixers, conveyor belt ovens and electrical ovens become easier to use with a dedicated control system.

Are you willing to make your dought mixer more user friendly and efficient?

Discover the special solutions developped by ASCON TECNOLOGIC ;

  • Programmable logic
  • Customizable touch screen interface, to set parameters and recipes
  • Preventintive maintenance warnings
  • Dough temperature monitoring
  • Remote control

The ideal solution for your dough mixer using nP4 based technology, give more value to your machine and comply with Industry 4.0.

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Configuration software Guide

ADA--33DIN, ADA--48DIN and ADA--96DIN DIN rail adapters

Configuration software Guide available

Now available a table that helps you to choose the right software for the right instrument.

Iin the same table you can find the list of the connection ports and connecting converters.

Dowload the guide at the link: 

or see below the same guide with links to products, adapters and software downloads.

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Meet us at  SENSOR+TEST 2018 Hall 1 -stand 327 26-28.06.2018

Ascon Tecnologic will participate at SENSOR+TEST 2018


Nürnberg Exhibition Centre



Opening hours

26.6.  -  9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
27.6.  -  9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
28.6.  -  9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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ADA: Din Rail adapters

ADA--33DIN, ADA--48DIN and ADA--96DIN DIN rail adapters

New series of adapters for DIN rail mounting of Kube series controllers

Different formats for any need

- For any Kube model ( and many other models)

Kube series becomes even more flexible

- The same product could be mounted on the front or inside the cabinet, with these adapters.



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Y39W in wine cellars

Y39W multizone refrigeration controller; flexible, visible , easy to use and to clean

+ Flexible :
Suitable also for other and different configurations, for example , Neutral zone or Multizone with heating and cooling

+ Visible
Operator interface with high visibility display white, blue or red colour.

+ Easy to use and to clean
Thanks to touch screen keyboard and flat front.

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Innovation in signal transmitters :ATT1

Innovation in signal transmitters :ATT1


NFC configuration, universal input and much more...

Immagine having a transmitter which combines proven measurement technology with innovative hardware, able to provide an easy-to-use configuration tool and capable to measure signals in a wide range of applications including sensors with no standard linearizations.


This signal transmitter now exist!

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Final farewell to Bruno Zecchel

With deep sorrow, Ascon Tecnologic announces the death of its President, Ing.Bruno Zecchel.

Bruno Zecchel, in 1969, founded Ascon, a company that has grown with great energy and untiring passion.

Engine of research and development of the company, has represented for all its employees a point of reference both from a working and human point of view.

After the merger with Tecnologic, he assumes the presidency of Ascon Tecnologic and represents full values and objectives.

Eng. Zecchel has missed the affection of his loved ones on 02 August 2018.

In this sad date, Ascon Tecnologic loses not only his highly esteemed President, but also a man who has totally dedicated his life to others with altruism and dedication.

For all those who wanted to participate in the funeral and could not, Monday 10 September at 19, a commemorative Mass will be celebrated at the church of Santa Maria Help of Christians in Arese.