16 high power (2A 24 V) digital outputs CANopen module

- DIN rail mount
- 16 High side transistor outputs
- Insulation class: 800V
- Powerful embedded processing capabilities including:
   Single pulse output

Process outputs

16 High power digital outputs

- Source (PNP)
- Output voltage (nominal): 24 Vdc
- Output current :2 A
- High side transistors
Insulation class: 800V

Power supply:



Embedded processing capabilities:

- Polarity change
- Single pulse output

Communication and programming:


- 2 field bus ports to CANOpen


Mounting method: DIN rail mount
Case dimensions: 110 x 76 mm, depth 76 mm


Communication port connection
2 FieldBus ports RJ45
Signals connection
2 Extractable 11 pole plugs 5,0mm
- Spring terminals
- Screw terminals

Connectable to:

- Sigmadue Series

UL Listed

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